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Bitcoinfay is one of the most advanced crypto gambling websites out right now. We place every transaction on the blockchain so every party knows what is happening. All the transactions are decentralized, which makes crypto online casinos the most transparent in gambling history ever. In other words this is breakthrough technology for online entertaiment. Bitcoinfay is provably fair, meaning that every game is honest. You can use a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, so you don't need to exchange before play, we offer a generious no deposit welcome bonus for new players, so you can try any of our online games for free.

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Bitcoin Slot Machine

  • Great payouts
  • Bet 1 to 20 lines
  • Choose how much to bet
  • Hot and classic symbols
  • Wilds and scatters
  • Turn sound on / off
  • Enjoy the sound of spinning reels!
Play BTC Slots

Crypto Roulette

  • Choose any crypto coin
  • Red / black, Odd / Even, Low / High
  • Dozen, Column, Street
  • Split, Six line, Corner
  • Top line
  • Straight
  • Turn sound on / off
  • Play in full screen mode
Crypto Roulette
Bitcoin Roulette
Provably Fair Blackjack - Fair Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin Blackjack

  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2
  • Regular win pays 2 to 1
  • Insurance pays 2 to 1
  • Dealer draws to 16 and stands on 17
  • Ability to double the initial bet
  • Ability to split the hand
  • Choose how much to bet
  • Turn sound on / off
  • Play in full screen mode
Play Blackjack With Bitcoin

Bitcoin Video Poker

  • Great payouts
  • Choose any of 5 pay lines
  • Choose how much to bet
  • Cards are shuffled before each game
  • Turn sound on / off
  • Play in full screen mode
Play Video Poker for BTC
Buy BitCoin for credit card. Fast and safe

Bitcoin Dice Game

  • House edge only 1%
  • Choose payout
  • Choose win chance
  • Choose how much to bet
  • Turn sound on / off
  • Play in full screen mode
Play Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin 75 Ball Bingo

  • Complete row, column, diagonal or 2 diagonals
  • Receive money for each completed pattern
  • Choose how much to bet
  • Turn sound on / off
  • Play in full screen mode
Play 75 Ball Bingo for Crypto

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Bitcoinfay uses provably fair technology, which allows you to verify that each roll or card draw is completely random. This is a new era for online gambling. Blockchain is already revolutionizing many industries across the board, and the gaming sector is no exception. Blockchain brings a new era in online gambling. With Blockchain, you will be able to see every detail of your transaction, bets, and even sums. With decentralized cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, you will get a whole new experience when gambling online. This system provides transparency and efficiency to all transactions that you made online when using online gambling services. As the result, playing games on online casino will be more convenient these days since you can assure that your fund is used properly.

  • 75 Ball Bingo


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  • Crypto Slots


    Played by Jared Boehm 1 hour ago

    Bet 551.00

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